Capt. W. Adams

     Real Wealth and Financial Poverty

Arthur Brenton

     (Editor of The New Age)

    a. "Social Credit in Summary"
    b. The Veil of Finance

Victor Bridger

     a. A$ + B$ and All That
     b. Social Credit - National Accounting
     c. What is Social Credit?

 W.B. Brockie

     a. New Credits for New Production

 Eric Butler

     (Founder of the Australian League of Rights)
     a. The Enemy Within the Empire
     b. The Money Power and Democracy
     c. Releasing Reality
     d. Social Credit and Christian Philosophy


     a. Faith, Power, and Action
     b. Mr. Macpherson's Feud
     c. The Nature of Social Credit

Maurice Colbourne

     b. Unemployment or War

Geoffrey Dobbs

     (Close Douglas associate, Professor of Botany at Bangor, Wales)
     a. Geoffrey Dobbs' introduction to the fifth edition of Economic Democracy
     b. The Just Tax

Duke of Bedford

     a. The Absurdity of the National Debt
     b. Debt-free Prosperity
    c. Poverty and Over-Taxation: The Way Out
    d. The Years of Transition

Hewlett Edwards

     "What We Are About"

M. Gordon-Cumming

     Money in Industry


     "The Keynesian Revolution"

John Hargrave

     Social Credit Clearly Explained

C. Marshall Hattersley

     The Community's Credit

J.T. Hollow

     Capital and Income

 T.V. Holmes

     The Nature of Credit, Sacred and Profane

E.S. Holter

     The ABC of Social Credit

Tudor Jones

     (Close Douglas associate, Physicist, and first successor to Douglas as Chairman of the Social Credit Secretariat)
     a. Elements of Social Credit
     b. You and Parliament

A.W. Joseph

     a. The A+B Theorem
     b. Banking and Industry

Dennis Klinck

     a. "The Delusion of Ownership" - Seed
     b. "Pound, Social Credit, and the Critics"

Robert Klinck

     a. "Economist Savaged at Local School"
     b. "Finance and the Environment"
     c. "The Future of Employment"

Wallace Klinck

     a. "On the Proper Role of the Lieutenant Governor and the Governor General"

Georges-Henri Lévesque, O.P.

     Social Credit and Catholicism


      a. The Nation's Credit

J.D. Malan

     a. The A+B Theorem
     b. Money, Fact, and Fiction
     c. Natural Cost and the Ownership of Money


A. Hamilton McIntyre

     a. Thirteen Years of Progress

Bryan W. Monahan

     a. Alternative to Disaster
     b. An Introduction to Social Credit
     c. Neither Do They Spin
     d. A Social Credit Perspective
     e. Why I am a Social Crediter?

H.M. Murray (H.M.M.)

     a. The A+B Theorem
     b. An Outline of Social Credit
     c. The Struggle for Money

H.E. Nichols

     Alberta's Fight for Freedom

R.L. Northridge 

     "The A+B Theorem"

A.R. Orage

     a. "An Editor's Progress"
     b. "The BBC Speech on Social Credit" and "The Fear of Leisure"


     "The Cancellation Bogey"

R.S.J. Rands

     The Problem of Money

W.H. Rhys

     Real Wealth and Financial Poverty

Thomas Robertson

     Human Ecology

Aubrey T. Westlake

     Social Credit

Jean Campbell Willett

     Women and Poverty

A.E. Willyams

     Social Credit is For Me


Texts with Mutliple Authors

     a. Leisure
     b. The Southampton Chamber of Commerce - Report of the Economic Crisis Committee (1933)

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